Depression Counselling

Photo of Depression

Depression is unfortunately a very common issue in modern society. Coping with life and all the things it always throws at you can just get too overwhelming at times. Many times there is a combination of emotions, thoughts and behaviours that are not being handled properly and could be exasperating your issue. A common example of this is unexpressed anger towards someone or something.

The good news is that if you allow yourself to open up with therapy, and give yourself the chance to dive into your own reasons and learn ways to manage them in a healthy way using theraputic techniques, you can overcome depression and capitalize yourself with knowledge and tools so that you are more prepared to prevent it in the future.

I commonly treat depression by using a combination of multiple theraputic methods including talk therapy, CBT and getting down to the root cause of the issue.

Depression Evaluation Checklist

These are symptoms of depression, and when you experience several of them at the same time, they last longer than two weeks, and interfere with ordinary functioning, it's time to seriously consider professional mental health support. If you feel you need to talk to someone, I'm always available.