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Emotional Eating Support

A man eating Do you need help with overeating? Do you eat emotionally? I can help you stop and offer individual counselling supporting your efforts to lose weight based on a diet that works for you. Stress, depression, or anxiety due to hormonal changes, cravings or emotional difficulties may lead some individuals to overeat.

The psychological component of a successful weight loss is just as important as nutrition and exercise. My counselling supports you by identifying the emotional factors that affect your weight rebalancing your lifestyle in a holistic way. I also work on improving your relationship with food, with your body and to learn to respond in a different and compassionate way.

Being overweight alters the functioning of the whole body plus may hurt emotionally by affecting self-confidence and self-esteem.

At Durham Counselling you will find support to deal with your conscious and unconscious limitations to reach your goal without struggling with deprivation. My treatment includes Hypnotherapy, NLP techniques and counselling.